Featured Artist – Victor Dworak

His middle initial is “E” – quite possibly, for “excellence”. Victor E. Dworak, Certified Gemologist and 18-year Art-A-Fair veteran, personifies excellence with each and every piece he creates. But, that middle initial could just as easily be “I”, for “integrity” – or, “Q”, for “quality”.

Pursuit of excellence is admirable; achieving it, however, is an accomplishment… and, much of what defines Victor as an artist. Victor firmly believes that each piece is “more than just jewelry; it’s art – and, an heirloom.” His works feature luscious combinations of gold, silver, precious stones, and genuine gemstones hand-picked by the artist from gemstone mines in Brazil and Thailand.

Victor personally handles every task himself – a rarity in the world of hand-crafted fine jewelry. He conceives an idea and sketches the design. Hand-carves a wax model and performs the lost-wax casting. Polishes the setting, facets gems, and sets the stones. Each stage executed with the precision and skill expected of a master craftsman.

And, his studio is exactly as expected: bright, organized and immaculate. His work space is a testimony to Victor’s engineering background – as is much of his equipment, which includes lapidary, faceting, and centrifugal casting equipment built by – you guessed it – the artist himself.

Victor’s hands-on approach extends to to problem solving – a talent that has served Art-A-Fair well, particularly during Victor’s six-year tenure on the Art-A-Fair Board of Directors. He shares his passion for jewelry, Art-A-Fair, and life, with wife and fellow Art-A-Fair artist Edith Dworak, a Certified Gemologist who also serves on the Board as Vice President of Membership Affairs.

Art-A-Fair takes great pride in bringing you inside the studio of a truly admired and respected artist: Victor E. Dworak.

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