Featured Artist – Teri Powers

Pets and pencils. Art-A-Fair artist Teri Powers exercises a powerful influence over both.

Known for capturing landscapes and plants in vivid detail, Teri’s current body of work features creatures both great and small. She’s an avid photographer with an impressive library of reference subjects – vast enough to keep her drawing over the course of nine lives.

Teri’s animals come to life in the “in-home project room” she shares with aspiring artist and Trekkie husband Dave. Space may be the final frontier, but Teri’s space is compact, organized and highly efficient. It is here that she draws, mats and frames her creations. The degree of detail dictates the size of her artwork, with most of her creatures finding comfortable accommodations on an 11″x14″ page. Light pencil sketches take shape as she begins to work on focal point detail – most often at the eyes. She works outward from there using a “light-to-dark” technique.

Teri’s puppy love extends to other areas of life as well. She and Dave volunteer their time at Irvine Animal Care Center, where many shelter animals have also been the subject of Teri’s drawings.

Teri has also been the driving force behind Art-A-Fair’s marketing effort, working tirelessly to promote the event and draw new visitors and clients to the show – a massive task for which Teri wears multiple hats on an ongoing basis. Her tireless efforts were recognized in 2014 with Art-A-Fair’s prestigious “Spirit Award”.

You’ll find Teri at work this season Summer 2016. Come meet the artist and enjoy her wonderful work!

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