Featured Artist – Hugo Rivera

When painting Hugo Rivera brings an emotional component to the movement of his entire body, especially his shoulders and hands. Arcing wide with his brush and moving back and forth from his paintings to get perspective, he creates abstract shapes of color as his figures begin to emerge.

With 18 years as a fresco muralist representing the figures and landscapes of the classical masters, Hugo’s artistic comfort zone commands very large surfaces. Much of his work (though not all by any means) celebrates the female nude and is easily observed as a response to years of training his eyes to see and simplify. The former civil engineer easily converts his Laguna Beach ocean front home into a working studio with brown painter’s paper on the floor. He uses his grey walls as an easel for his large custom-made canvases suited for acrylic paints. Hugo clearly understands the rich power of a limited palette, light and value. His paintings are built strongly from the start.

Expressed with an animated painting style, his favorite music and ocean breezes year round, his paintings reflect “the inspiration that is in Hugo”, says wife and business partner, Erika.

With his paintings and occasional workshops, Hugo shows others that creating art can be a transformative experience.

Rivera-1 Rivera-2 Rivera-3

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