Featured Artist – David Tate, Glass Artist

It’s all in the doing. That’s what second-year Art-A-Fair artist David Tate says about creating glass art. David’s keen ability to produce gorgeous works of art, in a medium demanding spontaneity, speed,precision and utmost safety, is nothing short of amazing.

According to David, glass working techniques are very much like recipes: often defined and refined over long periods of time. Once the design process is complete and materials are at the ready, however,creating the piece itself is a rapid process  – much like abstract impressionist art – with precious little room for error. Exposure to extreme heat and manipulating delicate materials in very close quarters are just two challenges facing the glass artist. David equates the logistical risk to the childhood game, “Operation” – an accidental bump at any point in the process means,“game over”.

 The rich results of his efforts speak for themselves, confirming that David’s considerable talent and experience make him a valued member of the Art-A-Fair family.  See David’s work up close in Summer 2016 ; read David’s bio on the Art-A-Fair web site to learn more.

David Tate 1
David Tate 2

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