Featured Artist – Bonnie Beaux

Bonnie Beaux is a colorful character. The stand-up-comedienne-turned-artist makes an indelible impression on the world by way she presents both herself and her artwork. This accomplished woman is a wife, mother, realtor, ceramist, jewelry artist, photographer – and, one of a select few Art-A-Fair artists whose body of work spans several different media: ceramics, jewelry and photography.

Her passion for color influences Bonnie’s creative decisions and transcends all media in which she works. Inspired by the things of nature, and possessing a special affinity for flowers, Bonnie creates artwork characterized by eye-popping color and bold design.

An artist with a colorful past, Bonnie’s art odyssey has been the result of “one thing leading to another”. Her desire for custom Holiday jewelry for her stand-up act led to early work with clay; her work in ceramics and jewelry evolved as a result. Her need to photograph her jewelry led to an interest in pursuing nature and landscape photography.

Bonnie’s artwork comes to life in the studio she maintains in the Laguna Hills, California, home she shares with husband Mark Fullerton. She views the creative process as “a wonderful state of mind”, making time each day to escape to that magical place. Bonnie’s jewelry has evolved to include Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver along with her clay. She casts silver jewelry using a lost-wax process, in which a wax model of the piece, entombed in a solid mold, is melted away under high heat. The hollow chamber left behind in the mold is then filled with molten silver, which – when cooled and polished – becomes a finished work of art.

Art-A-Fair has become a “Family-A-Fair” as well, thanks to the unwavering support and participation of Bonnie’s loved ones. Mark keeps Bonnie well-stocked with art supplies and tools; he also constructs displays and paints Bonnie’s Art-A-Fair booth. Daughter Jenny, a talented illustrator, is an ongoing source of inspiration for her proud Mama.. serving as Bonnie’s favorite jewelry model and helping out in the Art-A-Fair sales office.

This year will be Bonnie’s 24th Art-A-Fair season. She enjoys a large and faithful fan base, and typically spends up to six days a week on the Art-A-Fair grounds creating custom artwork for visitors and clients. Her motivation? “Art has brought intense pleasure and joy for me personally and it is amazing to have an opportunity to share it with others at the festival”.

She also considers herself thrice blessed. “Photography has taken me down to the ocean to see astonishing sunsets. Pottery has allowed me to create pieces that are both functional and beautiful and can be used every day. Jewelry allows me to look dressy and colorful and is often an ice breaker for conversations.”

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