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Mixed Media


Fountain Valley, CA
Phone (714) 963-8161

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Tim Genet is an artist born and raised in Southern California.  Interested in art at a young age, he had very little exposure or formal training.

Tim started painting in 1973 when his wife enrolled him in a painting class.  Originally working with palette knife he produced large studio oil paintings.  In the late 1980’s he went searching for a new direction for his art.  He journeyed to Catalina Island to observe a plein air group painting on location.  “I asked a lot of questions and watched how they applied the paint.  I was instantly hooked.”  A week later, Tim was painting outside on location.

A world traveler, his Early California style captures the essence and beauty of his native California, as well as the many foreign lands he has visited.  His travels have produced paintings from Hawaii to the East coast, Mexican Rivera, Europe, the Caribbean, East Africa, South and Central America,  and the South Pacific.

In mid 2006, Tim’s work took another turn, one towards the abstract.  He currently is producing a line of “Expressive Figurative’  work utilizing a palette knife once again.  Focusing on texture, color, and gesture pose the paintings are absent of many details.   Many of his landscapes have also taken on an abstract look as well.  Tim’s goal is to leave the work impressionistic thus to engage the viewer.

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