My first career in the arts was in modern dance, and I hold a Master’s degree in that discipline. As a choreographer, I mastered the process of creating form and design in time and space. Working with clay seemed a natural evolution. Both art forms are three dimensional, and the physicality of the work has similarities to the dance.

I began working with clay in 1999, and was initially fascinated with creating symmetrical forms on the wheel. I soon found myself manipulating the clay after forming on the wheel to achieve movement and flow. Enchanted by the endless flexibility of clay, I soon gravitated to porcelain. Porcelain is paradoxically the softest and most pliable clay to work with, yet the strongest and purest white after firing. Soon after, a fascination with the natural world drew me to crystalline glazes, in which a process that normally occurs deep in the earth can be coaxed into taking place in the kiln. The crystals grow and slide at will, and complement my flowing forms. Because each piece is unique, each kiln opening is an occasion for excitement and wonder, like a child opening a gift.

Recent Awards:
2014 Second place, Sculpture, Newport Beach Art Exhibition
2013 Award of Excellence, Art In The Park, Ojai, CA
2012 Best of show, Ceramics, Rancho Mirage Art Affaire
2011 Best of show, Ceramics, La Jolla Art and Wine Festival

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