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Mixed Media


Riverside, CA
Phone (951) 824-4233

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Seyha In was born in Cambodia in 1975 during the Khmer Rouge regime, followed by decades of civil war.

He didn’t have much of a chance to go to school. Most of his childhood was spent farming. Since childhood he has had a passion for art. He was a self taught artist with the exception of a short art class in the refugee camp on the Thai/Cambodian border. Not long after repatriating to Cambodia, he went with his friend to paint the mural art of Buddha’s story in several temples in Thailand.

In 2000 Seyha returned to Cambodia and worked as an art teacher at two separate orphanages. While working for the orphanages, he helped the children work on their individual art projects for art shows in Singapore to raise funds for their education.

In 2006, Seyha was married to his wife, Alana, and immigrated to the United States in 2008. Since immigrating he has obtained a GED and has been attending Riverside Community College.

Seyha has obtained a certificate in Illustration and a certificate in Animation. Seyha’s artwork was chosen for RCC Student Honors Exhibitions twice. He continues to attend RCC in pursuit of his passion for art.

Seyha is a member of the San Diego Art Institute. He has exhibited in both juried and non-juried shows. Seyha is also currently illustrating a children’s book.

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