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I’ll never forget my high school ceramic instructor Mr. Calderhead. His laid back teaching style and his hippy outward appearance made it an easy class to have fun in. He gave me my first taste on the potter’s wheel. As I look back on it, it was the only class I came in early for and was the last to leave.
I read a book by Herbert Sanders, “Glaze for Special Effects”, while I was a junior in high school. His chapter on the subject of Crystalline Glazes, had me thinking for thirty five years. I loved the look of crystalline, but not the time and expense. I knew at sixteen I couldn’t spare either.

I continued throwing in college. I wasn’t willing to be a struggling artist. My career path took me into entertainment. I became a sound mixer and video engineer for a litany of television shows and commercials for over twenty years. I chased my career and worked hard at it. I lost touch with the potter I once was.

On location in Colorado while shooting a Sonic commercial, a local crewman and friend invited me over his house after work. He said he had a potter’s wheel down in his basement. I told him of my potting past. I gave it a spin and got completely hooked. I needed this back in my life.

I started potting at the local art center as much as I could. I was flattered when the Special Events Director accepted my work at an Irvine Fine Art Center’s exhibition. In fac,t the poster advertizing the show displayed my work.

I realized I wanted more time exploring my craft. The dream in high school to make crystalline pottery was still inside me. So I built a small studio at my home and have been creating in earnest since 2005.

As a friendly gesture, I gave a set designer friend one of my vases. The next day I showed up at the old Charlie Chaplin stage in Hollywood to shoot a commercial. On the set was my vase, as a featured background element. He asked me to bring in more pots. My work can now be seen in the background of many national spots.

My passion for creating crystalline pottery is to keep with my core artistic values and to make the best work possible. The enthusiastic reactions I get from the people who come across my work and love what they see allows me to happily share my lifelong dream and my vision.

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