Paula Hinz 2016

Hinz is a native Californian, born in Pasadena, and has lived in Northern Cal since 1992. She showed talent as early as 12 years old when one of her mixed media paintings was chosen for a special museum show in Pasadena, CA. Her mother, Lorraine Edrie, had her attend workshops where she learned drawing and painting fundamentals. Paula, being independent, after high school went another direction in art and was soon under the tutelage of known Master Printmaker Ben Sakaguchi at Pasadena City College. Afterwards, she move to Long Beach, attended CSU Long Beach and became interested in watercolor painting.

Zoltan Szabo. master watercolorist, seeing that Paula was way ahead of her years in talent, began to mentor her in many different painting techniques, but her lean was towards artist Ken Potter and his almost abstract renderings of California. He inspired her to stretch out to create her own style, which paid off in just a year. Paula was asked to show in the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Later that year she also won an award in the Watercolor West show at the Riverside Art Museum and became a member in Watercolor West and a associate member in NWS.

Paula joined an art community in Costa Mesa with know artists as Edna Fisher, Vivian Falcitti, Diane Barts, David Paterson and Ed Chapland. Paula, with these artists, soon became know in the southern California art scene, showing in many galleries , street shows and competition shows. She, with the assistance of her husband, has participated in many shows in California and her work has shown across the United States. Paula juried and began to show in Laguna Beach at the Art-A-Fair Festival in 1978. From there, she was represented by Tall Ship Publications, with artist Ken Auster.

Paula has been in Southwest Art Magazine, has been commissioned by Popouri Press and Leanin’ Tree Card Company, and has designed a entire T-shirt line for “Main Tees”. She also has designed commercial layouts for publications in the mid-west and in California and has won many acclaimed awards.

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