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Natalia Eremeyeva-Duarte was born in the town of Nizhniy Tagil, Russia. Her home city has a rich cultural and art history where she graduated from the School of Fine Arts. There she learned drawings, paintings, sculpture and the history of art.


She graduated from the Ural Academy of Architecture and Arts where she studied not only architecture, but drawing and painting as well. The Academy gave her a broad knowledge base which helped her during her 19 year practice as an architect. While Natalia studied at the architectural academy, she worked as an artist’s assistant for two seasons in the artistic-decorative department at the main Opera Theater in Yekaterinburg. As a student she had a chance to work as a mural artist creating wall paintings in kinder gardens.


Working as an architect in Syktyvkar (Russia), she always was interested in art. During her practice as an architect she always had time for drawings, most of them are just quick sketches or watercolors.

Natalia always used any chance to travel. Travelling to new places where she receives inspiration for her art work. She has been in many old cities in the east of Russia and also west to the Baltic States. Excursions through Europe and Egypt where there are many old cities with architectural masterpieces. Like other artists she takes inspiration from the world around her either big or small.

Now living in California for the past 7 years, she has found an ever growing passion for her artwork. She has brought to life her passion to paint in oil on canvas. Every painting is a piece of her life her history, her passion, her soul.

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