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In his photography, Mike’s aim is to capture and share with others the tremendously exhilarating, yet calming impact he experiences when he discovers the “right” scene. He finds “right” to be often indefinable. Sometimes it is a magical quality of light on what would otherwise be an ordinary subject. Other times it is the dynamics of the composition, a breathtaking display of nature, the beauty found in some of mankind’s creations – or some combination of these. Sometimes it is just “right”. In many cases the image is clearly evident at the moment. In many other cases, he knows he will have to wait or revisit the scene later for better lighting or more interesting weather conditions. Whatever the case, the image is there – just waiting to be appreciated and captured.

He and his wife, Pat, travel to many areas of the United States and other countries in their photographic quests. They find the combination of photography and exploration of new places make any vacation or road trip doubly enjoyable. His image catalog features many locations including California, a host of national parks, the Southwest, New England, the Northwest, Ireland, Canada, China and the tiny Indian Ocean atoll of Diego Garcia. “Old stuff” continually intrigues him – vintage cars and aircraft, doors, old buildings always beckon.

Mike’s toolkit includes traditional film cameras – both 35mm and 4″x5″ – but mostly digital capture. He has found over the past few years that his beloved darkroom has been essentially relegated to retirement as he now does nearly all his image processing and printing digitally. His prints are produced on state-of-the-art high-resolution digital printers using archival papers, inks and matting materials.

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