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I started to work with clay sixteen years ago, and it has been the most wonderful experience my life. I was born and grew up in Mexico, and have been living in the United States for sixteen years. I started to study English, and after two years I finished my certificate in International Business at Glendale College, in California. This was related to the degree I earned in Mexico, which is Business Administration. During the summer of 1998, I took a design class, just to check if I had any talent in this area. The class was exciting, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Seeing this, my teacher encouraged me to take more art classes.

I do not remember how I enrolled in ceramics, but it was the best choice at that time. Ceramics has given me the opportunity to express my ideas and creativity in a different way. I create pieces that have a variety of colors, textures, interesting shapes and carvings, which I especially enjoy. Each piece is different, unique, has its own personality and cries out to be touched. Different techniques are used such as raku, low firing (earthenware), stoneware and porcelain. To focus on just one technique would be boring for me. All of my work gives me different levels of satisfaction and excitement. Most of my work comes from my imagination, though I do check ceramics books or magazines on how to construct an idea. However, I do not have anyone or anything special that inspires my work. Nevertheless, I have to admit that any ceramic picture feeds my creativity and inspires my sense for pottery.

I started to learn about pottery as a hobby, yet today it is the way that I express myself to the world. I have my certificate in Ceramics from Glendale College. I have exhibited at the North Hollywood Art Gallery, Descanso Gardens Art Gallery and the American Ceramics Society President’s Show. Some pieces are in private collections in the U.S., Canada, England and Thailand. In addition, I participated in various art festivals such as the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Park, Art-A Fair in Laguna Beach and the Winter Fantasy in Laguna Beach with great success.


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