Artist – LES SALVA

lessalvaAs long as I remember art has always been a part of my life. From an early age all the way through college the passion for art developed and grew. What intrigued me most about art and painting is how it communicates visually to people no matter what culture or race they are. Growing up in southern California is a good place to be exposed to all sorts of cultures and styles that I try to infuse in all my work. Years after college I got into airbrushing and it has changed my life ever since. It has provided me a good life and the opportunity to travel the world showcasing my mural work from not only the continental United States but from South America to Asia. I would like to thank master airbrush artists Stephen Bray and Gary Watts for pushing my skills to the limit and to master glass artist Jason Cullmann for the inspiration and expertise on painting on a new medium.

I am extremely excited and grateful to be showcasing my work at this year’s Art-A-Fair and the chance to meet new people. Most of all, I am grateful for the support of my family and friends providing me the strength and love to continue as an always growing and working artist.

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