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Critics Say – “Laura’s paintings are not your average wildlife paintings. The wildlife subjects in her paintings look real and the settings are natural yet the scene seems magical. Watch one of her paintings closely and you’ll be sure you saw something move or when you blinked a bird flew away.” Laura Curtin puts her own idea of the natural world on canvas and the results are captivating. These paintings are the places in Laura’s mind and she invites you to tour this beautiful world with her.

“Each of my paintings is unique. You won’t see anything like it from anyone else. I get a picture of an animal in my mind and I keep seeing it until I get it on canvas. Every place I paint is a place I’d like to be. I combine my natural artistic ability with extensive research for my wildlife painting projects. Working with oils, my paintings depict wildlife in their habitats. Each painting tells a story, look into the animal’s eyes and the surrounding detail for the true character alive in each painting. Come in and laugh with me as two parent elephants are surprised by the birth of their beautiful baby Pink elephant. Join in the serenity of mountain lions far above the city lights and foxes playing at their den. I invite the viewer to step in, get closer. Take a good look around, stay awhile and breathe in the surroundings of nature as I see it.” Laura

Laura has been a professional artist for 32 years. She is primarily self taught when it comes to painting animals.

Laura is an active member of: CAC California Art Club, AWA American Women Artists, AFTA Americans for the Arts, NAWA National Association of Women Artists, OPA Oil Painters of America.

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