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John Michael has had a deep interest in art and design all of his life. He began studying art seriously over 20 years ago. He has studied with acclaimed artists in a wide variety of art mediums. He has studied extensively in printmaking and etching, oil painting and ceramics. His ability to treat paper as clay has enabled him to create three dimensional etchings. His understanding of varied art mediums has allowed him to develop a unique style creating truly one of a kind art work.

John Michael’s work includes a variety of techniques such as monotypes, intaglio etchings, and collagraphs. He is known for detailed enhancements in the tradition of renowned French artist, Edgar DeGas.

John Michael’s artistic style is contemplative in that it evokes a sense of the spiritual and mystical qualities the human heart desires, seeks, and values. His work is investigative in that subtle elements of his art are discovered the longer one observes the piece. His art is distinctive in its style and design.

John Michael specializes in unique combinations of several printmaking techniques. His art work is truly a symphony of techniques. He combines Intaglio etching, a traditional method of printmaking with Monoprint printmaking and enhancing the resulting art work with oils, acrylics, pastels, graphite, and Chine Colle, a method of adhering layers of colored paper to the larger printing paper at the same time that the inked image is printed. He has developed unique methods to create embossment within Intaglio etching allowing him to craft distinctive designs in his art.

John Michael’s images are inspired by the wild life in Newport Beach’s Back Bay, Huntington Gardens in Pasadena and a well-developed creative imagination.

John Michael and his wife, Carol, have developed a new art technique which has been granted a Provisional Patent from the United States Patent Office. This new art technique was able to be developed due to the deep understanding John Michael and Carol have of various art mediums and techniques.

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