My art work is a fusion of my abstract world and the traditional methods in art instruction of the human figure; were colors play with the rhythm of the forms and textures, creating interesting compositions. It is my responsibility to allow the artistic elements engage one another for an amazing pleasure that will be shared by all who appreciate.
From his first memories, Hugo Rivera loved to paint and draw. After studying civil engineering in Guadalajara, Mexico he relocated to the United States and retumed to his passion for fine art.

Hugo Rivera is the world’s first post-modern fresco artist. Mr. Rivera has been well-schooled in classical art and techniques. Although he gained prominence as interpretive modern artist, he felt that much of the modem art world was banal and had lost sight of painting’s roots in the classical arts. In his move to post-modernism, he sought to bring classical techniques to the altar with modern interpretations. Thus was born the art style of post-modern fresco. This technique, which was so wildly popular in Renaissance Italy, brings a stunning marriage of the old and the new. Hugo has many paintings under his belt in acrylic, oil, and his most recent work, frescos.

In 1994 Hugo began working as a muralist. By 2000 he opened a painting studio in Huntington Beach, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he decided to focus more time on his painting career. Currently Hugo lives and exhibits in Laguna Beach where he also has a studio.

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