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A native Californian, George McGhee has achieved the reputation of an artist with a unique eye for detail. Much of his early career was spent studying the realist styles of landscape, and seascape painters of the past. Artists such as Thomas Cole and Frederick Church have influenced him greatly. As masters of the American Luminous Style, Cole and Church studied and painted in the Hudson River School era during the late 1800’s. Building on this inspiration, with over 20 years of experience, George has emerged in the 21st century with his own luminous approach to his art. His subjects range from land and seascapes to tropical wildlife and marine creatures.

George’s visions are revealed in the various moods achieved in his paintings. As he moves through his canvassed world of lights and shadows , his subjects emote life and dimension that allows the viewers to feel transported to places that somehow speak of both the imagination and earthliness. His recent works have been inspired by California coastlands, and the Hawaiian Islands, where he admits to finding resources of endless beauty.

George has won several awards honoring his artistic achievements, as well as his paintings, and reproductions are in private collections throughout the nation.

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