dianayangMy formal education is in the biological and behavioral sciences, yet I have been surrounded by art influences throughout my life. Both my parents are artists: my father, a noted sculptor when he lived in Taiwan over 30 years ago and who continues to sculpt today, and my mother, a water color painter and art teacher and whose mother was also a painter.

Most of my training in photography was self-taught with workshops here and there to guide and refine my vision. It is mostly my love for the natural world, with its rich, vibrant colors, shapes and textures, and for the adventure of traveling that keeps me inspired to share this point-of-view.

The bulk of my photographs are still traditional photography. They are first captured on film then chemically processed to achieve the desired effects, with no or very minimal digital influence between scanning and the final product. More recently, I have been experimenting with different forms of digital photography, including photographs taken and edited with a cell phone camera.

I currently live in Burbank and teach high school Biology and Environmental Science, in addition to freelance work.

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