The artist sees, hears, or remembers something – and suddenly a little spark becomes a possibility.  Maybe she sketches it out or writes it down, maybe she hurries excitedly to her work bench…drawers are opened and beads tumble out, metal and string, fabric and leather are gathered. Molds are made and wire is cut. The idea begins to take shape and eventually, after working and perfecting, a small treasure is born.

Everyday all over the world the artisan spirit pushes forward with the urge to share that idea and create something lasting that is both unique and personal.

This explains perfectly what happens to me when I get that creative idea, and the  energy starts to flow … the  spark is lit and I must do something about it. I don’t know who to credit with this quotation, and I have changed a few of the words, but I love it and it tells my story exactly. I know after so many years of  teaching all forms of art and creating everything from paintings, collages, weavings, jewelry, and much more, that I must have seen something along the way that prompted me to create “my” version of whatever it is, thus making it unique and personal to me.

I know, too, that creativity is a gift and that talent is an even greater gift.  I feel truly blessed that my creativity and gift of talent have been acknowledged by the Laguna Art A-Fair (for the past 10 years), Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and Jewelry Affaire magazine , too.  It never ceases to amaze me!

Just when I begin to ask myself, “what should I do now?”,  something creative pops into my mind. Where does it come from?  I am not sure (it must be part of  that artisan spirit I mentioned).  But I am sure that I must  do it, and do it now! I never know where it will lead me or how far it will go or what form it may take, but I do know that this little piece of me, this little “treasure”  must be created!


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