Carol Mayling_2016Over 20 years ago Carol became enamored of the many possibilities of dichroic, a new material created for the space program. It had just been introduced to the art world, and few artists were using dichroic at the time. Her innate sense of color and form helped her create unusual pieces. On her own, she developed techniques to bring each hand cut dichroic “jewel” to life.

Howard, her husband, began designing and creating individual settings to compliment each stone. Over time, they have added other materials including enamels, gold, silver, fibers and vintage beads to their designs.

Carol and Howard feel that their jewelry should catch the eye and create interest. More importantly, they want the owner of each piece to feel special whenever it is worn. They feel each piece should reflect the spirit of the wearer.

These jewelry artists have always been involved with art. Carol has a strong interest in ethnic art and music, and has traveled throughout Mexico and parts of South America. Howard was a professional photographer for many years, and comes from a family of artists and jewelers. Together, they have found artistic expression making unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is flamboyant, elegant, and wearable.

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