Candace Foster 2016

I started making art at a young age like most kids do, and I was lucky to be the daughter of two people who appreciated art and encouraged me to take it seriously. (My mother created stained glass mosaics and my father was an art collector who came from a long line of architects.) I continued to study art off and on but didn’t really settle into art as a career until after earning a bachelor’s degree in biology. I earned a graduate degree in and worked as a biomedical illustrator, and eventually earned an MFA in drawing and painting from Cal State Fullerton.

I don’t think it’s unusual for people who have an interest in studying the natural world to also appreciate its beauty. I am drawn to landscapes by that interest, and in observing nature I learn something new with every painting. Conversely, what I’ve learned from science about the natural world affects how I perceive it, and influences how I paint. My goal as an artist has been to combine these two perspectives in order to represent the natural world and our connection to it.

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