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A native Californian, Bonnie comes from a long line of professional artists. It is fitting that in her first museum show fifty years ago, at the Bowers Museum in Orange County, awarded her a first place and an honorable mention. That was the beginning of many such awards that continue to the present. She has now been an Art-A-Fair artist for over 25 years.

The subject matter of her art is life in a multitude of forms: plants, animals, and occasionally fantasy such as her leather dragons. Her ability to render these complex and interesting creatures comes from the hands-on experience she has had in caring for animals, both tame and wild.

She has worked in a multitude of media, including copper, mosaics, enameling, sculpting leather, and hand carving many varieties of wood. The lush animal forms that adorn her gourds may look as if they’ve always lived there.

The process of preparing the gourds and carving them is tedious and time-consuming. Depending on the size, some of them can take up to a year to dry before the artist can start her carving. Using a number of different instruments, she carves each figure and plant, some in relief form before adding any color.

Her interest in wildlife and nature provides her with a never-ending source of material for her sculptures and carvings.

Her wonderful personality and excellent creative talents have led her to many teaching positions in California and elsewhere around the country.

“Forged Gourds” and “Disfunktional Pots” – Are just a hint of what will be on display this year.

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