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I have been blessed to be able to make a living for over forty years, doing what I really love… designing and making jewelry. Every morning I wake up and can’t wait to get started on the projects of the day. I can’t call it work. It’s too much fun. I guess you can use the cliche: it’s a “labor of love”.
I have never had a formal art or jewelry class and can’t draw (except stick figures) yet somehow I found I can translate what I see and or feel into 3-dimensional art.

My style is varied for I also create original models from drawings and pictures for companies like 1928 Jewelry Co., Disney, Joan Rivers, Vatican Collection, L.A. and Boston Museums, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, and Sweet Romance to name a few.

All my jewelry designs are a part of me, which I take great pride in. I also take great pride in creating hand crafted pieces that don’t look hand crafted.

Welcome to my world for it is always expanding with new and exciting designs.

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