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Mixed Media


Laguna Niguel, CA
Phone (949) 262-9235

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Yuri Kuznetsov currently living in Orange County, CA. Born 1961 in Russia, graduated 1986 from the highly acclaimed and renowned Mukhina Art Academy in Saint Petersburg. From 1990 through 1998 Yuri toured Russia and Germany exhibiting his art with the “Guild of Beautiful, a group of young professional artists and poets from Sochi. In 1998 Yuri competed “People to People International Art Ambassador Program” As a winner of the competition, Yuri was invited to the United States to Northridge University in California. Since then, Yuri has been living in Orange County, CA continuing his colorful and whimsical paintings for patrons of his art. He uses acrylic and oil on canvas.

To look upon a painting by Yuri is to transcend the time, distance, and faith that separate us. When face to face with one of his works, the possible oneness of the world is painted clearly for you across his canvas in vibrant reds, yellows, blues and greens. And, for one brief moment, all the chaos that is our modern way of life slips away and you are smiling.

Yuri participated in around one hundred exhibitions in Sochi, Moscow, Germany, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Aspen, Telluride, Santa Fe. His works are in private collections throughout the world, including Sweden, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, USA and more.

Along with a Cove Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, Yuri’s works are on display in La playa Gallery, La Jolla, CA, Celebration Fine Are Gallery, San Diego, CA, CFA Gallery, La Jolla, CA, Santa Fe Experts, Santa Fe, NM. Yuri was accepted as a new artist for Art-A –Fair 2016, Laguna Beach, CA and a new member of Artbeat on Main Street Gallery, Vista, CA.

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