Artist – Victoria Johnson


Digital art

Booth B-20

Glendora, CA

Phone (626) 375-3145

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I was born and raised in Southern California and have maintained a long-standing love affair with the locale I live in. I consider the diversity of its topography and culture as fertile breeding grounds for the imagination. Thus from an early age I’ve indulged in the 2 ‘Ds’: doodling and daydreaming, inhabiting a world where the imagination runs free. With this imagination I create imagery, sometimes for fun, sometimes for a living. Either way, it’s a passion.

Shortly after earning an Associates degree in commercial art and design, I was hired as production artist for the antiques and collectibles magazine Collector. It was the first of many endeavors as a designer and visual communications specialist, then eventually as an independent designer of everything from web sites to packaging.

As part of design-on-demand expediency, I’ve since traded my brushes, pastels and graphites for a digital pen and sketchpad, using apps like Illustrator and Photoshop as mediums for my creative brainchildren. In the process it seems I’ve come full circle as an accepted artist in Digital media.

In my free time I belly dance for fun and fitness. Or I wander my beloved Southern California trails, deserts, canyons and out of the way places with Nikon in hand, to further feed the imagination.

As an artist, I tend to be drawn to, and specialize in, edgier or dark themes, distressed textures and urban grit which I mix freely throughout my artwork.

As a neophyte in the world of fine art sales, I’m looking forward to this new experience and have high hopes of more personal and creative growth and enrichment through it.

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