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As a sculptor, I am inspired by the magic, luminosity and beauty of glass, which is my primary medium. My innovative approach allows for fine detail, vibrant color and sculptural form, bringing the beauty of glass into the fine art context. I have expanded my scope to include an original line of jewelry, working with natural gem stones, crystals, fossils and stones as well. My fascination with light is evident in virtually all of my work which is inspired by brief moments in nature when light gives us surprising experiences of startling beauty.

Over the years my work has won many awards, last year I was honored to receive “Best Jeweler” at Art-A-Fair. My work is sold in select galleries across the country, including the Chihuly Collection, and is featured in the permanentcollections of the Museum of Dichroic Art, the Carter Art Center and the Women’s Museum of California. My collaborations with Judy Chicago are featured in the permanent collections of the New Mexico Museum of Art / Santa Fe and the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum.

My techniques include a unique combination of hands-on skills, methods and processes including intricate sand-erosion carving and advanced scientific technology which produces a crystalline structure that has a distinctive, luminous glow.

My sculptures for the wall, floor and pedestal are explorations into the exquisite realm of light’s pure color. In 2013 I was in the first round of artists to receive the Creative Catalyst Grant for innovation from the San Diego Foundation where I explored many of the optical effects that you find in my work. This year I am introducing my “Landscape Suites” which seek to capture the beauty of light and form in natural settings.

Vicki Leon Originals, my exclusive, contemporary jewelry line is informed by the abstract and symbolic style of my years as a dedicated sculptor. Vicki Leon Originals have both a vibration of ancient wisdom and a glimpse to an inspired future. Each is a talisman for empowerment, healing, protection and adornment.



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