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Tara is a storyteller. Working with oil on canvas, she paints her unique vision of the ancient magical traditions of Ireland, complete with mythical beings, archetypes, and all things fantastical. She is a tour guide to ancient cities, an ambassador to kingdoms in the clouds, and dreams beneath the ocean. Through her sublime imagery, she seeks to take you with her.

Splitting her time between Chicago, IL and southern California, Tara has exhibited extensively at art fairs and galleries in Chicago, Laguna Beach, and San Diego. She holds a Masters of Counseling in the Arts from Adler University, & a BFA from Columbia College Chicago. Inspired by mysticism, psychology, and the legends of ancient cultures, including her own Celtic heritage, Tara’s work is described as fantastical, or pop-fantastic. She has lectured on a variety of subjects including the subconscious, archetypes, Arthurian magic, symbolism, and the inner compass, all through the lens of contemporary art.

“I often hear from my collectors that there’s something familiar or comforting about my images, perhaps a place they long for or feel they’ve visited before. There is a common subconscious thread that I’m tapping in to. The story I paint of my forgotten culture is the story of all that’s ever been buried, shamed, stolen, and renamed. In all realms, magical and mundane, what humanity shares is more powerful and enduring than anything that would ever seek to divide us. We are interconnected. I paint to help us remember.”

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