Artist – Tara FlyingHorse


Greetings from my River Valley, the upper Columbia River in Northeastern Washington on the Canadian Border.  Living on a Historic Ranch along the edge of wilderness surrounded by natures canvas of vibrant colors, textures and wildlife, an Artists dream.  I am an Artist who works in different mediums, always looking to try something new.  I depend on my natural instinct to create fun and beautiful Art while living a rustic lifestyle in my 100 year old Log Home in a modern day Jurassic Park.

Since 1972 when I took my first Jewelry classes in High School I’ve continued on the creative journey as Jeweler, Lapidary (gem cutter) and Designer. With no other formal training over the years I’ve had the good fortune to be taken under the wing of other metal smiths to expand on my skills, techniques and knowledge.  Today my pieces represent both my original designs and reproductions of historical motifs.  My Jewelry is created using the fabrication method.  Each piece is constructed individually with hand tools including some handmade adding a personal signature of character to my Jewelry.  I work mainly using Shot and Scroll and Hand Tooling techniques.

My fiber journey began in 1990 with the purchase of a spinning wheel and a few sheep fleeces.  My goal was to eventually learn to weave yardage for sewing some one of a kind clothing.  This has been a slow journey with many amazing results and rewards.  My accessories are the positive results of things to come.  Today my pieces incorporate everything from my 100% natural hand spun and dyed fibers to a blend of colorful textural alternative fiber blends.  As a self taught Weaver I embrace each project as a continuing lesson in weave structures.

I’ve travelled around the Western US participating in Art Festivals, GalleryExhibits and Traditional Folk Art demonstrations and Workshops.  All were incredible experiences in learning,teaching and sharing.

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