Artist – Sylvia Binkley

sylvia binkley 2016


I’ve been fascinated with adornment and making my own since I was very small, and always played around with colors, color combinations and shapes. When I took my first adult vocational jewelry fabrication class in 2002, my passion was ignited, and there was no looking back.

I’m most inspired by natural materials, especially semi-precious stones such as chalcedony and sugilite, set in unique metal designs, so my pieces display my combined abilities in both lapidary and metalworking techniques. Fortunate to be inspired by a range of techniques for my finished pieces, I specialize in intarsia, stone-carving, wire-weaving, silver fabrication, and fold-forming.

As a creative outlet, jewelry design and creation is something necessary for me. I spend a lot of time creating my designs mentally before starting, frequently researching as I go. Nothing relieves stress more than an uninterrupted block of time at my bench! It’s an integral part of who I am, and I’m always working on more than one piece at a time.

Recent transplants to Laguna Woods from the greater Los Angeles area in 2012, my husband and I are so excited to find a thriving art community here in Laguna! I introduced wire-weaving to Laguna Woods by offering small personalized classes to other jewelry artists, and participate in the yearly Bonanza.

My customers especially love the one-of-a-kind pieces I create as well as the wide variety, from the clean lines of the geometric intarsias to the wild fantasy of the swirling wire pieces, to the bold patterns of the fold-formed cuffs.

As a unique individual, I like to wear pieces that reflect my special gifts and values, and my appeal is to others like myself who love adornment and want that adornment to reflect the same for them.

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