Artist – Sonny Fernando

Fernando_Feliciano    Sonny had his first art awakening when he was 7 years old. His old man sketched a black ink silhouette of a Philippine rural scene on the cover of his school notebook. He was so impressed by the whole thing that he asked for a set of paints and brushes so he could try it himself. From then on he was found incessantly expressing himself through the visual arts.
It was not a big surprise that Sonny eventually studied architecture in college. It was for him a great time to dig in and nurture the art he wanted to do. The accuracy, discipline and precision in architectural practice influenced his style of “geometric abstraction”. He adopted acrylic as his main medium to create sharp, geometric and calculated forms in colors that bring out brash conceptual statements. Draftsmanship is more often applied rather than gestural and instinctive brushstrokes.
When his first solo show sold out within days, confidence nudged him to pursue a career in painting, but an offer to be partner in a design firm was to good to pass up. So in between designing buildings, homes and interiors, he would ocassionally do murals and commissioned paintings.
In all those years, Sonny held on to a prayer that one day God would grant him the time, energy and resources to paint without reservation. And on the last year of his youngest in college, he found the time and opportunity to finally work on his art. He cut and painted on some 22″ x 22″ canvass boards with a style like the ones he did on his first show. He’d like to think of it as continuing from where he left off. Sonny hasn’t stop painting since, which resulted in a series of solo and group shows in the last four years. He came to the United States to seek better opportunities and greater recognition for his work.

Feliciano is my first name but people who know me and friends call me Sonny. Thanks!

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