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Pasadena, CA

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Following a successful first show at age 5, in my grandmother’s laundry room, I made the decision to devote my life to art. As will happen, I stopped painting to take up a career, but always felt something missing. Fast forward a number of years and a lengthy sabbatical, I picked back up my paintbrushes and am remain excited every day that I get to get to share my joy-filled work with the world.

Painting has become how I make sense of the world and all of the wonderful, wicked, and wacky things life throws at us. I create visual narratives that examine relationships, depict joy, and find beauty where it might otherwise be overlooked. Using oil paint, metal leaf, and resin; my work expresses the simplicity and vulnerability of animals in real and fantastical ways. Their stories unfold whimsically both through the image and their elaborately crafted title.

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