Artist – Shakiba Hashemi

I was born In Iran, in a strict and oppressive environment.  When I was a child, I witnessed war between Iran and Iraq and experienced pain and suffering that is caused by war.  I remember going to sleep at night as I was hearing the sound of bombs going off not too far from our house.  As I grew older, it got more difficult to tolerate the suffocating environment of my country and I yearned more and more for freedom.  I needed an outlet to release my frustration and with the help of my aunt, who was an artist, I discovered art.

Painting gave me the vehicle I was longing for.  Even though I could not physically escape, I could get lost in the world of creativity for a few hours and forget about my reality.  I was free at last.

When I was a teenager, I was able to migrate with my family to America and pursue my passion of becoming an artist.  Against the advice of my parents who wanted me to join the team of doctors in the family, I went to Laguna College of Art and Design and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts.  After graduating, I started showing in solo and group exhibitions in California, Arizona and Texas and recently I was honored to receive the Golden Award from the Peace Project, a traveling exhibition that was showcased in Los Angeles and New York. These accolades have enabled me to flourish and I continue to grow as an artist with every breath that I take.

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