Artist – Saul Yurivilca


Painting on Glass

Booth B-19

I was born in Peru and raised in Southern California. I like to do things a little different, that’s why I paint backwards on glass. I have no formal training or influence. As a child anything that had to do with the arts just came easy to me. After graduating UC Riverside with a degree in Business, I decided that a normal day job was not the route for me. I chose to follow my passion. I decided to use a popular medium (glass) but in a very different way that would separate me from any other artist.

My story begins at the age of 5 when I was forced out of Peru because of the political and social uprising of the time. In came the U.S. and California, my savior and teacher. It’s because of the experiences (the good and bad) I’ve had in this great place that have shaped the beliefs and person I am today. Growing up I made friends from all walks, color, ethnicities, ages, genders, and religions. They shared their beliefs and experiences with me. In return, they are the reason why I paint skeletons. I feel if people see the world through my art and my eyes, they would see that we are all truly the same.

I create my art on glass by drawing and painting its backside so the finished product can be view from the front. It’s an ancient technique called reverse hand painting. In which I have modified to improve my own technique and passion. It’s difficult to do, but the results are just as rewarding. Glass has a way of not only bringing out the best effects in paints, but also in the creativity of my artwork. I use a variety of paints and mixtures, from acrylics, tempera, enamel, and etc. Each piece is handcrafted and painted. Each design is original and planned well before its ready to be put on glass.

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