Artist – Rosemarie Rush



Booth B-2

Color Pencil/ Gourds/ Acrylics

Yorba Linda, CA

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In amazement, I can remember spending countless hours watching my Grandfather, a self-taught artist, create images with such passion and great focus to detail. This inspired me to create from a very early age.

Art has always been a part of my life. I attended CSLB for a brief period as an art major, but a loss in my family took me in a new direction away from art and into mechanical engineering. I believe this change altered my artistic eye to become more illustrative and detail oriented in my work.

I would have to say that I consider myself primarily self-taught, but influenced by artists such as Norman Rockwell and Nelson Boren.

Color Pencil: My color pencil paintings primarily depict Equine and Western life. Having horses of my own and my love for them was only a natural choice of subject matter. My color pencil paintings are created on acid free illustration or mat board. My technique consists of many layers of color pencil and burnishing the surface to bring it to an opaque condition.  The wide range of shadows and textures are key in my pieces. I love the use of negative space and the lack of a background to allow the viewer to focus on the image itself. Often they are mistaken for photographs until I point out there is no background.

Acrylics: My Acrylic paintings are more mechanical in form, depicting old cars and barns. My artistic eye comes in play where I focus on a specific portion of a subject rather than the whole subject (this can also be seen in my color pencil paintings)…..a tire, headlight or bumper. The more patina and rust, the more it intrigues me.

Gourds: My gourds are my 3D form of escape from 2D. I love the use of Celtic designs on the gourds, the interweaving patterns lend to shaded hues of stain and lacing (cut-outs) on the gourd. I primarily burn, stain, embellish and add rings of gold or silver leaf to my pieces. The western themes are still very apparent and part of my Gourd designs.

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