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Artist Statement:
There’s a sense of cerebral adventure to think about the questions that science has yet to uncover. For me, astrophysics is the unknown confluence of the very, very large and the very, very small. In my own stream of consciousness this connection is also reflected in the intersection of art and science and the association between precision and abstraction. Deciphering this interplay are mental challenges that allows me to develop my own scientific ideas, while my art answers my need for expression.

“I just enjoy watching my art move through space-time. This series of mobiles are my first foray into kinetic art after creating  something for above my new grandson’s crib. The layers of translucent color create a weightless surface that floats gently through the air. Watching these creations help focus my thoughts, and hopefully, Baby D will find it soothing too.”

Artist Biography:
Inspired by Calder, Kandinsky, and images from the Hubble and Chandra telescopes, Root Woods explores the beauty of color, space, and movement in balanced expressions of kinetic art.

Root is known for the bright colors and dynamic features of his image mining style, analyzing and revealing the abstract reality of individuals in motion through fluid color fields within an organic maze of freely dripped lines and splatters.

Today, he embraces capturing abstract images of Our Universe into geometric surfaces composed of translucent colors and collecting these elements into airy 3D art that convey the finesse of matter traveling along our ever-changing curved space-time.

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