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Robert has been on a quest to capture signage that was “state-of-the-art” into the 1950’s. Metal signs, painted and aglow with neon lighting, beckoning to motorists stop and eat, spend the night or take advantage of whatever services the proprietor was offering.

Conventional photography is a marvelous thing. And printing photographs on metal adds a significant amount of vitality to any image but Robert wanted more. By taking the main subject of the image, cutting it out of the metal and mounting it in relief above the background he has managed to succinctly do what every photographer has always wanted to do . . . separate the subject from the background in the most dynamic way possible. He refers to this technique as Tek-Art. A blending of photography, computer graphics, computer controlled cutting equipment, sublimation printing, hand finishing and design to create these works of art. Each one custom made and hand finished.

These classic signs are becoming rarer by the day and Robert scours the countryside in search of these classics. In addition to the signs, as a Commercial Pilot and Race Car Driver, he also has a deep passion for vintage aircraft, primarily World War II, and is closely affiliated with dragsters from the 1950’s through 1970’s.

He is constantly on the lookout for new subjects that lend themselves to the Tek-Art technique.

Many of these new subjects will be on display.

Robert has also been a Video Producer/Director and Photographer since 1992 and a college instructor for more than a dozen years. Using the accumulation of his talents in producing Tek-Art, Robert has amazed the art world with his latest creations.

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