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Ray Hart, a Southern California native, pursued creativity his entire life. Painting and drawing from the time when he was a young boy and coming from a family of home and boat builders, Ray decided to pursue a career as an Architectural Illustrator. Attending Orange Coast College, in Costa Mesa,
California, Ray majored in both Architecture and Art.

It was while taking his painting classes that Ray discovered the pallet knife. While working on a painting, he was applying color using his pallet knife and was intrigued by the unusual texture it created. He then worked to perfect this interesting technique. The completed painting convinced him that this would be his method of applying paint from that point on.

He enjoys experimenting with color and the pallet knife and is always continuing to evolve and grow his skill. This painting style has been described as a joining together of Monet and LeRoy Neiman. Ray solely paints with acrylics. He likes to use this medium because of its rapid drying capabilities. His paintings are built up with numerous layers and he says he doesn’t have the patience to wait for oil paint to dry. He likes the bright and vibrant colors acrylic paint affords.

In 2014 Ray started painting architectural landscapes mostly focusing on the iconic structures of Avalon, Catalina, off the coast of California. He is now painting his impressionistic interpretations of architectural landscapes and structures along and near the coastline.

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