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Ralph Roberts offers some of the finest bronze sculptures of prehistoric life currently available. An award-winning graduate of Art Center College of Design, Ralph’s early career includes freelance work for Disney, Dreamworks, and Universal. In 2013 he was commissioned to create 3d animations of dinosaurs for a BBC Documentary. It was this opportunity combined with his early childhood love of dinosaurs that ignited his passion of the subject.

Of prime importance in Ralph’s work are scientific accuracy, aesthetics, and a high degree of realism that will transport the observer in time.  Through modern technology of CT and laser scanning, real fossils are used in the restoration of each specimen. This process preserves every detail including bite marks and tiny foamina (holes) from the original fossil. Ralph intensely researches each specimen and reconstructs the piece utilizing his 3d modeling skills. The new model is transferred to a 3D rapid prototype machine that creates an exact scale replica.  The model is then cast in precious metal and Ralph meticulously assembles and hand finishes the final sculpture.

Ralph’s greatest desire is to excite the imagination and sense of wonder we all have about the natural world and its fascinating creatures both contemporary and prehistoric. Ralph remains committed to the excellence that has put his work at the top of the field worldwide.

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