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My earliest exposure to sculpture was carving decoy ducks and carousel horses, the techniques I learned because the bases for my working style which I consider to be traditional and speaks to craftsmanship which is what I value most as an artist. I’ve sought to understand many diverse materials, construction techniques and tools of the trade. American Folk art, American Craftsman design and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh are my inspiration but my father is my hero, he can build just about anything.

My figurative sculpture is introspective, gentle and expressive.  The wood and materials I use, many of which were once discarded, are rich, tactile and authentic. I explore simple gestures that can speak volumes. My figures, like individuals, are a work in progress, their story is still being written. Woodcarving is my preferred method of expression and combining antiques or found objects transforms this traditional art form, creating a unique store with its history. Scouring dusty barns, wood piles, and flea markets searching for the perfect object to complete the story to be told is my favorite pastime.

Sculpting fulfils my inherent need to create and satisfies a curiosity of how things work. The human figure is expressive and the lifeline journey a story we all share. Adding Kinetic movement or the ability to manipulate many of my sculptures was inevitable due to my love of mechanical toys and objects. The permission granted to the viewer to be an active participant and control the sculptures outcome is my way of creating art that is also a toy for grownups.

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