Artist – Phoebe Siemion Phoenix




Foothill Ranch, CA
Phone (949) 357-9216

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Phoenix began to demonstrate her artistic talent at an early age and was privately trained as a portrait artist in her teens. Phoenix’s style is realism and her main focus is to capture the vibrancy of life and the unique personality of her subject matter. Phoenix enjoys creating custom portraits, incorporating
specific settings, family members, and other features at the request of her customers. She has been creating portraits for friends and family members while pursuing a career in business.

Recently, Phoenix decided to devote all of her time to becoming a professional artist. Inspired by the beauty of her natural surroundings, she is expanding her work to landscapes, seascapes, flora, and animals. Phoenix is making available a number of paintings created from Phoenix’s inspired imagination on her Facebook page, Artsy Pants, which is constantly being updated as new works are added.

Phoenix works mostly in oil on canvas, but she occasionally does sketches with pencil if requested. Her work was displayed in various galleries throughout Southern California, such as Muzeo in Anaheim, the City of Orange City Hall, the Guggenheim Gallery in Chapman University, the Pinnell Gallery, the La
Habra Art Gallery, the Newport Beach Art Exhibition, and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

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