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I love to approach painting the way a designer would. I paint in a “landscape inspired expressionist” style, marked by bold color, with emphasis on proportion, balance, and harmony. Determining the color story is crucial, because the colors and lively brushwork sets the mood and tone.

For 30 years I worked in the construction and landscape field. Always connected to the outdoors by my sketchbooks and camera, they served as valuable inspiration when I began to pursue painting full time. My studio space is graced by hundreds of photos I have taken, memories captured of places traveled, serving as images that I paint from and re-create.

Often asked about my unique style, I can only say that it is the  result of almost daily painting, training in illustration, painting, and art history, plus a great deal of experimentation over time. My reputation as a painter is based on the work itself, and not the rigid precepts of who I was taught under, or the strict rules of academia. I am influenced and inspired mostly by my own life experiences, and even though I have been painting and selling my work full time for over 20 years, I feel as though I am just getting started.

My passion for design and color has resulted in numerous “Best in Show” awards in Illustration and Fine Arts, publication in Professional Artist Magazine, and selection as featured artist in Soft Pastel News and at Mission Federal Artwalk. My original and commissioned works in oil on canvas are in collections and  institutions throughout the country.

I participate in several Southern California art festivals, maintain an online art blog, and operate my own studio/gallery in San Diego.

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