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Silverado, CA
Phone (714) 264-4237

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Monica is a native of Argentina who immigrated with her family to the U.S. in 1965.
She worked her way through college in various art-related jobs to pursue a career in medicine. After four years of college, she realized her heart belonged to the field of art. She later graduated with a BFA in Biological Illustration from California State University, Long Beach.

Today, her work can be seen at various Southern California arts festivals and galleries and on the walls of marine and paleontological museums, as well as in educational books for grades K-12.

Monica began to focus on painting landscapes in 2000 when a friend gave her a French easel for Christmas. She now is exhibiting in various plein air festivals and pushing her boundaries with color and texture as often as possible. In addition, she volunteers with land and nature conservancies, leading painting tours and assisting people connect to art and nature.

In addition to her art, Monica works as a freelance infographics artist, a passion she honed during her 14-year career as a visual journalist for The Orange County Register newspaper in California.

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