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Mixed Media

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Since childhood, music has been a part of Michelle’s life. While living in Minneapolis, she was introduced to New Orleans jazz when she heard the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform. Thus began a connection that later inspired a new direction for her art and her new musical passion. This connection grew after she became acquainted with the Twin City based Hall Brothers Jazz Band and listened to them play regularly
at the Jazz Emporium of Mendota.

It was during this time Michelle began her ink drawings of musicians and began to develop her unique style. Inspired by the live music, she worked to capture the rhythms of the music and the passion of the musicians. With her training in figure drawing, she transformed them to something more minimal and gestural. In the last few years, she has been working with both ink and watercolor, and also mixed media in her musician drawings.

As she has developed her expressive drawings, Michelle has built a repertoire of seemingly simple, but elegant, energized and passionate drawings of musicians and their music.

About her work, Michelle says, “I love working with the spontaneity of ink and watercolor and manipulating whatever tool I am using to create rhythmic lines that convey the dynamics, complexity and excitement of jazz – especially traditional New Orleans jazz – bringing the music alive on paper!

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