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Norco, CA

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I’ve always loved horses and when I began taking picture of them for a high school project, I also fell in love with photography.

I often think about how and when I will get to go out and photograph what will be my next new favorite image. My ideas turn into seemingly endless pursuits to create that next picture, and then the next one, and on and on. They are ideas that lead me out  into nature, where the only sounds to be heard are the squeals of wild mustangs, or the splashing water of a fishing grizzly bear. Sometimes it is just the pure quiet and  stillness of a star filled night sky that might be that next image. I am thankful to get to share those times with my husband, family, and friends, making lifelong memories  along the way and remembering the unique stories behind many of the images. I also enjoy teaching other people to “see a photograph” and I enjoy their excitement when they get an image that they are proud of. I like to share my images of wild mustangs and show people that there are still wild herds of horses out there to photograph. I am proud to photograph what I love, and I’m excited to see where this adventure takes me next!

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