Artist – Linda Karagozian


Born in Wiesbaden West Germany, Linda Karagozian moved to California as a child and began a life-long passion for all animals and wildlife. Always having a household full of pets, she was never short of subjects to draw and paint.

Karagozian earned a nursing degree as a young adult and worked for many years while raising her family. She never lost her true passion for wildlife and nature which influences her artwork today.

Being a self-taught wildlife artist, she now lives with her husband in beautiful Laguna Canyon. She believes her best training has come from being outdoors and studying the work of her favorite wildlife artists, such as Carl Brenders and Dino Paravano.

In 2015, Karagozian has participated in several art exhibitions at the San Clemente Art Gallery where she has won several top honors and Best in Show awards. In 2016 she was an exhibitor at the Festival Of Arts in Laguna Beach. She was also commissioned by the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, where she donates her time and is an active member.

Conservation concerns have become increasingly important to the artist, who is using her artwork to endorse and contribute to several international programs such as the World Wildlife Fund, White Lion Sanctuary and ASPCA.

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