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“Since the time I could pick up a crayon as a little girl, I have been fascinated with color and creating beautiful images. Forty+ years later I am still coloring, so to speak. I spent my formative years growing up in Southern California. I was blessed with a high school scholarship to Art Center in Pasadena, and went on to UCLA to earn my BA degree in Design. I combine my talents and passion for exploration into artistic images, transforming my observations into expressions of sentiment. My artwork is a culmination of watercolor, photography and pastels. This combination of media and hand craftsmanship is what makes my work so unique.

The images I create are centered around the richness I find in my personal adventures, those sentimental journeys we all take when we open ourselves to the wonder that surrounds us – from the beauty of the American landscape, to the dream of that ideal retreat. I like to focus on the simplicity of my surroundings to capture the essence of the moment. Living near the beach, I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beauty, and to have the opportunity to share my artistic expressions with the local community.”

Laurie has served as a guest lecturer at Long Beach City College and as an instructor at San Clemente Art Supply. Her work has been commissioned by various individuals and organizations across the US. Laurie sold her work at HeART of the Island gallery on Balboa Island for over 10 years. She is the founder of Creative Inlet, whose mission is to unleash human potential and possibilities through creative expression, primarily through abstract painting. Laurie lives in San Clemente with her husband, Bret, and their three dogs Baron, Lily and Paisley.

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