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One of the questions I often get asked is when I started creating art.  Like most children I started drawing at an early age.  Being very shy, creating art was a way I could interact with others and make friends.

I came from a family with artists of all types, fine artists, illustrators, craftspeople, chefs. My grandmother even caned chairs.  There was never a lack of inspiration or supplies to keep the creativity flowing.

Upon entering high school I discovered colored pencils.  I had a spectacular art teacher who was not only a teacher but a working illustrator.  He taught us about the art business, which is very rare in any school.  He was a master with colored pencils and I followed his path.  I am truly grateful for the mentoring I received from him.

After high school I began creating custom portraits to earn extra income but didn’t find my true passion until I started drawing cats.  With each emerging character I was hooked.

I am now fortunate to have a lot of friends and customers who provide inspiration for my cat works with their own cats.  Cat people are always eager to share a photo or two of their furry friends. I also have two cats of my own who are always available to give a quick pose.

My artwork has been collected all over the world and is licensed on many different products as well as produced as fine art and products in my own studio.

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