Artist – Kim Brandon-Watson


Water Color – Acrylic

Booth D-12

Dana Point, CA

Phone (310) 433-5795

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Kim was born in California and currently resides in Dana Point, Ca, a beautiful sea- side town that has inspired artists for decades. It is here that Kim continues her life long journey in the arts, brushes firmly grasped, paints shimmering in the coastal light. Kim grew up in a family of talented artists, each contributing their own vision to Kim’s expanding pallet of skills. Artists like Darrell Brandon who won the respect of plein air judges with his simple, pure expressionistic watercolors.

Kim was hooked at a very early age. Drawing and painting became second nature. In high school she took every art class available and her success there prompted her to attend the most prestigious art college in the nation, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. It was in Art Center that Kim was introduced to the commercially viable side of art, and once she hit the open market her newly honed graphic skills landed her smack center of the computer graphics boom of the mid 1980s.

Kim prospered in the commercial art environment and by 1995 she opened her own Visual Arts firm, creating everything from website appli- cations, videos, to e-Learning modules. But always present in Kim’s work was her passion for the ability of art itself to help communicate complex concepts through well thought out, well-designed visuals, be it an in- structional module, a website or a video. Her art-sense shines through all her commercial works.

After selling her company and moving to Orange County California, Kim returned to her family roots and once again picked up her brushes. With the trying, high-pressure days of commercial art behind her, she has fo- cused on the more sublime aspects of art. With incredible deftness of hand Kim is able to capture the fleeting emotions of her subjects with the arduous demands of watercolor and acrylics, be they humans or animals.

Kim’s inquisitive eye seeks out and captures a wistful moment receiving First Communion, or the most gleeful glance of a jumping Dachshund.

And international associations and galleries have taken notice, though she has only recently rejoined the fine arts world. Her International Award Winning Art is featured in North Light Books’ hardbound showcase of the best of the best in contemporary acrylic- AcrylicWorks 5. Laguna Art Gallery – Artist Studio in Laguna Beach and The Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook is showing a full portfolio of her work and she is a member of the Dana Point Fine Art Association.

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