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Katy Rajaei was born in Shiraz, Iran. She was raised in an art loving family and an artistic environment. From early stages of her life she was influenced by her uncle who was one of the most respected oil painters in the country. Katy started painting at the age of 12 and was trained by several well-known artists. She had multiple exhibitions in Shiraz at The National Garden and other well-established art galleries. She moved to the US in 2002 to peruse her lifelong dream to become a professional artist in the world’s capital of art. Katy continued her art education at the California State University – Fullerton and received her Bachelor of Art in 2010. Katy integrates Persian miniature motifs with realistic contemporary art which defines her unique style in oil painting.

Katy’s subject matters are coming from her deep imaginations and dreams. By looking at her artwork one can see that she travels deep inside her thoughts and dreams to bring her imaginations to life. They become the shapes, creatures and characters that live with her throughout each of her painting experiences. Often when she starts a series, each piece progress organically without never knowing how they transform. Katy’s objective is to inspire souls and share her love for humanity in her artwork.

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